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At Pineapple Development, we’re always  interested in how we can best help our partners grow their eCommerce businesses. We decided we’d like to start collecting a little data of our own, on top of what we already know about boosting conversions and what entices consumers to buy online.

We’re going to host a series of polls here on our blog and we’d LOVE your input whoever you are. Anyone who has ever purchased anything online is who we want to hear from. In the interest of focusing on the creation of custom tools that could boost our partners bottom lines, we want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth as they say.

Let’s start with some basics. You’re shopping online, directly on your favorite online retailer’s site. It could shoes, clothes, furniture, health and beauty products, car parts, some kind of food subscription…you name it. We’re not talking about Amazon, rather an individual brand or company.

Imagine you’re on the product page. The one where you can see all the details of a specific product and where you can make custom selections and eventually [hopefully] hit “add to cart.”

Here’s what we want to know:

If any of the following appeared on a product page you were viewing online, which would most likely cause you to buy?


Stay tuned for future polls to continue participating. We will also be preparing content special for you all based on results in the near future.

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