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What exactly does it mean for a developer to be Magento Certified?

For starters…

It means they’re really, really good at what they do, and someone other than themselves has verified it.

Magento has a rigorous certification process, designed to award only the best of the best developers the title of Magento Certified. It makes these skilled developers about as rare as a unicorn; but hey, good news! They DO exist!

We knew it.

Developers who pass the assessments and become Magento Certified have an innate understanding of the platform and it’s functionality. Coding within the platform is like second nature for them; this allows them to see the code of a site, and relatively quickly recognize a solution or means of upgrading and improving. Less time is wasted because they are that much more in tune with the ins and outs of Magento – which by the way are practically limitless.

Limitless you say?

Because Magento is open source, it’s infinitely more complex than other comparable platforms, and the certification process not only tests capability, but provides a structure for navigating and troubleshooting that your average developer likely won’t have.

What exactly do these certified developers have that others may not?

Still not convinced why you should hire a team of Magento Certified developers? Let’s break it down:

  • Code is developed using best practices and Magento standards
  • Advanced level knowledge of customizing existing features is utilized to enhance site performance 
  • Functionality can be changed fluidly
  • No fatal errors after project being completed; PLUS you now have a team that’s intimately familiar with Magento in the context of YOUR site, that can easily jump in to help fix bugs or make additions in the future (There will always be bugs and things to fix, because this is how ever-evolving technology works 😉 )
  • You’ll have an efficient and well-performing eCommerce website outfitted to the exact specs you need for your unique business
  • Development is executed with the latest features and tools as well as intimate knowledge of available Magento extensions that will save you time and money
  • The project is delivered in a timely manner because Certified Magento developers will take less time to accomplish any given task than a non-certified developer

It’s truly in your best interest, and your company’s best interest, to work with a certified team. You’ll get higher quality work done in less time, by a developer who truly speaks the language of Magento.

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